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Fascination Tangents

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Michael Rawdon
Hi, I'm Michael.

My account here is mainly to follow the journals of friends acquaintances and (of course) other interesting people here on LiveJournal. My true journal is Fascination Place, whose entries are crossposted here.

I'm a fortysomething programmer living in Silicon Valley, and I'm a fan of science fiction (the written kind, less so the media kind), comic books, and baseball. I listen to a lot of progressive rock, watch old movies, bicycle, and play strategy games. I have two cats, and a girlfriend, who also has two cats, giving us, in total, a lot of cat fur. My journal is basically about my life and my various interests such as these.

Occasionally with bad puns.

Life is good.
abortion rights, alan moore, alastair reynolds, alfred hitchcock, amazon.com, apple computer, astro city, atheism, babylon 5, baseball, baseball prospectus, bay area, bicycling, biking, bill james, blake's 7, board games, books, boston red sox, bridge, cartoons, cats, celtic folk, charles addams, charles stross, classic films, comic books, comic strips, comics, computers, doctor who, dorothy sayers, dougie maclean, douglas adams, dr. who, dream theater, duke ellington, edward gorey, everon, fandom, fantasy baseball, flower kings, games, gaming, gardening, george r r martin, get fuzzy, graphic novels, h beam piper, hellboy, hp lovecraft, ian anderson, indian food, ipod, iq, itunes, jadis, james bond, jazz, jethro tull, joan d. vinge, joshua redman, kcsm, ken macleod, king crimson, las vegas, liberal, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, lovecraft, mac os x, macintosh, madison, magic the gathering, marillion, men without hats, michael brecker, miles davis, monty python, mountain view, movies, music, myst, mysteries, nanci griffith, neil gaiman, october project, palo alto, pete townsend, peter david, peter wimsey, planetary, poker, politics, prince valiant, pro-choice, programming, progressive rock, reading, red sox, robo rally, rock, ruby, san francisco, sandman, sarcasm, science fiction, science fiction conventions, sean mcmullen, settlers of catan, sf, sf bay area, sf conventions, sf fandom, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, silicon valley, sinfest, sonia dada, sonny rollins, speculative fiction, spock's beard, sports night, stanford theater, star trek, star wars, stephen jay gould, stephen leigh, strategy games, television, the flower kings, the prisoner, the who, thelonious monk, thieves & kings, tim powers, tom toles, vernor vinge, west wing, wiscon, worldcon, writing, writing science fiction, xcode

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